a sad day in boston April 16, 2013 14:08

my thoughts and prayers are with those who were injured, those who remain in critical condition, and the families of those who lost loved ones yesterday at the boston marathon finish line. i am so incredibly grateful  i had finished an hour earlier and jumped in a cab with my husband and sister who were there to watch, minutes before the explosions. i went to bed with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes after reading the new yorker article the meaning of the boston marathon which ends with "perhaps it was someone who saw a reflection of the human spirit and decided just to try to shatter it" but awoke to the washington post article if you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon which gives me hope that "If you are losing faith in human nature today, watch what happens in the aftermath of an attack on the Boston Marathon. The flood of donations crashed the Red Cross’s Web site. The organization tweeted that its blood supplies are already full. People are lining up outside of Tufts Medical Center to try and help. Runners are already vowing to be at marathons in the coming weeks and months. This won’t be the last time the squeakers run Boston. This won’t be the last time we gather at the finish line to marvel how much more we can take than anyone ever thought possible." i know this is true. this won't be the last time.  In the words of Kathrine Switzer,  "you can’t run and stay mad."  And so we run.  And keep running. #bostonmarathon