Society of Arts and Crafts: in the window for may! May 02, 2013 10:58

The Society of Arts and Crafts on Newbury Street has in the window for the month of May the work of three ceramic artists using different techniques to achieve captivating results. The imagery in Sally Jaffee's wheel thrown work has been hand etched through layers of slip on white stoneware and has it's roots in Japanese tradition. A red glaze is added around the drawing, and then high fired in an oxidation atmosphere. A second low fire gives the work a satin finish. Jeremy Randall uses textures and asymmetry to reference aging industrial and agricultural structures. His vibrant architecturally-inspired vessels are slab built and finished with terra sigillata instead of a glaze. The burnished surface is reminicent of antique milk paint. Nicole Aquillano uses a slip-cast technique of turning plaster positives on the wheel. She draws directly onto the final form before firing and glazing. Architectural imagery drawn from her photographic collection, coupled with the movement of glaze, elicits memories of times past. Check out more here!  And visit the SAC at 175 Newbury Street in Boston!