busy summer studio days! May 19, 2013 23:04

well, summer has finally come (thank goodness!) and i just wanted to take a minute to post what i've been up to...a stretch of days alone in the studio, intent on work, makes me feel like i dropped off the face of the earth!


i've been working on some new spoon molds: here's an image of the plasticine positives, partly embedded in more plasticine, almost ready for the first pour of plaster to make one part of the two part mold!  can't wait to finish the mold so i can start casting these little guys!

and if you are obsessed with little things like i am, make sure to check out the clay studio small favors show!  who doesn't love tiny things...especially those made by hand!  below is my salt and pepper set in the show. salt&pepper_small favors and don't forget the Paradise City Arts Show in Northampton, MA this weekend!  i've been cranking out some new work and will be there all weekend...with my mom!  it's a really great show, and my mom makes everything ten times more fun so make sure you stop by! and finally, just wanted to share how excited i am that one of my little espresso cups was chosen as a cup of merit in the NCECA Annual Cup Sale this year in Houston!  especially exciting since the cup sale has always been one of my favorite parts of NCECA! n.aquillano_2