August already!? July 30, 2013 16:00

Awhile ago I sent this tumbler set off to Virginia for the Workhouse Clay National 2013, which opens Saturday, August 3rd.  I can't believe its next week! Where did July go? It definitely doesn't feel like it's almost August here in Boston, just a few days ago it was a cool 62 degrees.  Although I'm not complaining -  I took full advantage and fired up the kiln and went for a long run - I could get used to this weather! Also upcoming in August is the 20th Annual Strictly Functional Pottery National 2013, where I'll be sending this little espresso set: NicoleAquillano_EspressoSetAnd last but not least for August, vote for me August 26th for Martha Stewart's American Made! I'll try to send out a reminder closer...remind me! Stay posted for some new bridge work coming your way soon. I spent the weekend in Pittsburgh taking new inspiration photos - both of the houses and places in my hometown and of the bridges in Pittsburgh.  I even got on a boat to get the bridge pictures I needed (those of you who know me know how big of a deal that is!) pgh_bridge2smithfield2 And of course I had to take a picture for my niece, who asked me to "Take a picture of my beautiful city, Cole." pgh Miss that girl already! me&cailyn Have a happy day!  Or maybe I should say - have the day you have!