Think Big 2: Mastering the Marketplace! February 04, 2016 18:33

Super excited to be able to share my experiences as one of the artists interviewed for Think BIg 2: Mastering the Marketplace - an E-series for artists taught by Ben Carter and Molly Hatch! 

Each week Ben Carter or Molly Hatch host a themed conversation built around a topic that will help you discover ways to find new audiences, market your business and sell your work. These interviews are available at your own pace and will be released once a week for six consecutive weeks. After all the lectures have been posted, you will still have an additional six weeks to access course information and bonus materials to continue work at your own pace!

Participants are encouraged to discuss the videos each week with a prompted discussion group online. Through the discussion board you can connect with other members of the series and reflect on questions and new ideas that come up for you each week. Molly and Ben will be watching the group discussions and joining in to add our experience with the topic. The discussions are ongoing and accessible throughout the entire series, so you can participate at your own pace, regardless of your time zone.

In addition to the weekly interviews and discussions Molly and Ben will post downloadable worksheets that will help you work through topics each week and generate task lists for getting your goals achieved! The worksheets are for you to keep and work through as you engage with the course material. By the end of the six weeks, you will have gathered new thoughts and ideas, and you will have a clear direction moving forward in your creative business--on to BIG THINGS!

You can sign up for Think Big 2: Mastering the Marketplace - a class taught by Molly Hatch and Ben Carter right here :-) Click button below to register now for only $149! Just click the buy button below :-)


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The great new line-up of interviews includes:

Justin Rothshank: generating sales on social media
Naomi Cleary of the Clay Studio Philadelphia: gallery do's and dont's
Jessica Knapp editor of Ceramics Monthly: working with the press
Keith Kreeger: working with restaurants as clients
Nicole Aquillano: retail vs wholesale
Objective Clay's Lindsay Osteritter: the online cooperative gallery